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 Surgical Microscope
Celebrating nearly 40 years

The PRIMA series introduces a new generation of surgical microscopes providing superior Plan APO optics and integrated high output LED illumination.

Labomed PRIMA DNT dental microscope with iVu 5 MP camera

PRIMA Surgical Microscopes

The PRIMA series of surgical microscopes is one of the first to offer an integrated high output LED illumination system. The highly efficient design utilizes a integrated 50W LED and high transfer efficiency fiber optics to provide cool white spectrum light with the greater output than a 150W halogen illuminator. Up to 60,000 hr life, 70% less energy use, and providing bright cool white lighting with sufficient output for all applications.


The PRIMA offers a wide array of components and configurations to meet all your procedural needs in ENT, dental, gynecology, and ophthalmology. The modular design assures future upgradeability as your requirements change. Digital image capture and dual view ‘ teaching’ modules are among the options available.


High quality Alternative to the significantly more costly system from Zeiss, Leica, etc

Prima ENT

Ear, Nose, Throat surgical microscope models...


Prima DNT

Ergonomic dental surgical microscope models...



Prima GN

OB/GYN  microscope models for routine and surgical gynecology procedures...


Prima OPH

Ergonomic design, excellent for extended Ophthalmology procedures...


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